WordPress Consultant & Developer

WordPress Consultant & Developer Specialist in WordPress strategy, development, responsive web design and website conversion.

Effective websites
delivered with care, passion and precision


With over 8 years of experience with WordPress, I can help you with themes, plugins, functions and more on your install.


Numerous projects completed using the leading systems including WooCommerce, Magento, ZenCart and more.

Website Conversion

Personal interest in converting visitors into customers by applying the theory of website conversion and psychology.

SEO & Marketing

Promotion of your services and products using multiple streams of digital marketing, interaction and brand awareness.

Responsive Design

Ensuring your website is optimised for tablets and phones is essential today and has a direct impact on your Google ranking.

Landing Pages

Whether it’s a new app, event, ebook or anything else you need to sell, a landing page will ensure high-conversions.

Social Media

I can integrate your website with your social media, ensuring your content is shared and users can follow you.

WordPress Consulting

Helping your business get the advantages and best practices from your WordPress website with my vast WP experience.

WordPress Development & Design

It’s kinda my thing


I’ve spent years working with the world’s leading CMS system and am confident I can pretty much do anything your project requires with this system. Currently, around 90% of all the work I undertake is WordPress, whether you need to maintain it, secure it, redesign it or fix it, I’m sure I can help you with your WordPress enquiry.

Agency Quality.

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My clients range from startups to blue-chips.


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You’ll benefit from the following

Design to show off

Everything starts with appearance. Your site visitors need to see quality in your brand, communicated via the quality in the design, colour and presentation of your website. Leave the best first impressions.

Easy to maintain

It’s important to update your website with new images, blogs and news etc to help keep site visitors ‘plugged in’ and for maintaining a good SEO ranking. Updating your site should be efficient and productive.

Loaded With Power

Using the very latest technologies and development tools, I develop your website to the highest standards to provide the user with the best experience. This has direct impacts on SEO, conversions and ROI.


As more and more people use the internet on mobile or tablet devices, having a responsive website is essential. Optimising for these devices will improve user experience and affect SEO and conversions.

Clean & Modern Code

Using HTML5 and CSS3 coding when developing sites keeps the code lean, clean and fast-loading in todays bandwidth-demanding web applications. Faster websites perform better in search engines.

Fully Supported

Each website I develop receive free support in terms of bug fixing. For everything falling outside of this, I also offer maintenance packages for regular updates, ‘health checks’ and small tasks set each month.

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